Become the happiest person you know!
I just wanted you to know that this life that you dream of – you know, the joyful one that lights you up – is absolutely possible.

As a matter of fact, it is closer than it appears (just like objects in the rear view mirror). You want to swap boredom for excitement, the fake Instagram smile for deep belly laughs, and this feeling that something is missing from your life for your own kind of happiness?

Well, let’s make it happen.

Because life is too damn short to waste it in a big fat bowl of blah, don’t you think?

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Client Love

„Annika is spot-on – yet positive, loving, and supportive at the same time. She has the gift of understanding what is really holding you back from just one Facebook comment, and she will give you feedback that helps you take the next step. Her guidance is always practical and doable. I LOVE that!“ Lavinia L.

Annika Maier

Hey ho, I’m Annika.

Master sparkle seeker, writer, and host of the „Sparkly You“ podcast.

After spending years ghost writing and losing myself in the process, I realized how important it is to create a life that is true to me. So I set out on a mission to turn my boring life that just didn’t feel right into a life that lights me up.

Now I get to guide women, who feel like there has to be more to life, to create that happy and joyful life that they so very much deserve.

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Kill them with kindness

Mai 19th, 2019|

Disclaimer: I don’t actually want you to kill anyone. Cool? Cool! So, let’s dive in. Be kind to yourself I [...]

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