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Hey ho, I’m Annika – master sparkle seeker, writer, and host of the „Sparkly You“ podcast.

I help women who feel like there has to be more to life to create a life that fills their eyes with so much sparkle, they might be mistaken for shooting stars.

How come? After spending two years ghost writing for other people, hiding behind their names, and basically pretending to be someone that I’m not, I realized how important it is to live life on my terms and to be me – binge-watch obsession, hot chocolate addiction, giggly heart and all.

So, in a true Barney Stinson manner, I decided to stop being sad and be awesome instead – and that began by quitting my job, and setting out on a journey to find myself and my sparkle again. Now, I have the immense honor of helping other women do the same, and guiding them to their own version of their sparkly-eyed selves.

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PS: Want to know my sparkle secret?

Living by these rules:

  • It’s absolutely legit to be freaking excited about life AND a morning grouch.

  • There is no such thing as too much Gilmore Girls.

  • I take 10 hours of sleep over a big ass party any time.

  • Swearing is a totally acceptable way of expressing enthusiasm.

  • Of course it’s reasonable to pretend to be 11 years old only to be allowed on a jumping castle.

  • Coffee is overrated. Hot chocolate is the shit.

  • When asked „Who run the world“, the answer is most definitely „girls“.

  • When asked „Who run your world“, the answer should most definitely be „you“.

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