Have you ever heard about a sparkle seeker? Maybe you have no idea what that’s supposed to be? Don’t worry, you couldn’t have – because I made that term up. I love making up words and coming up with expressions. I think it’s such a fun way of using language.

But let’s get to the point. I wonder: When you hear the word „sparkle“, what pops into your head? Glittery make-up? Unicorns? Shooting stars? Honestly, when you first read the title of my podcast „Sparkly You“, what came to mind?

That sparkle in your eyes

When I think about sparkle, I think about the sparkle in someone’s eyes.

Do you know that glow that people get when they are happy beyond belief, when they are beaming with joy? That glow that comes from the inside and makes their outside sparkle? That’s the kind of sparkle I’m talking about. The sparkle that comes from living your life on your terms. The sparkle that comes from not giving a damn about what other people think, and doing what makes you happy – for the one and only reason because it makes YOU happy. The sparkle that comes from waking up with a curious heart every morning.

Happy as a kid on the playground

If you’re a parent or have friends with kids or you have nieces and nephews like I do, you’ve probably seen kids get up in the morning. They really don’t like the snooze button. Like, at all. When they’re awake, they’re awake. And then they want to get up and do things. They want to put on their rain boots and play in the mud puddle outside, or lick the butter from their breakfast bread, or sing songs, or do whatever their tiny minds can come up with.

Do you remember that from your childhood – that never-ending energy, that indestructible zest for life? Think yourself back to that place. Really, give it a few seconds to remember that feeling of bottomless curiosity that you had as a kid. Can you feel it? Can you feel how excited that makes you?

Children revel in that. They try new things all day long. They go for what makes them happy 24/7. They don’t accept „no“ as an answer to something that they want. And oh boy, do they sparkle! They get up, and play, and find joy in the tiniest of things like that funny looking bug that just landed at the window or a new word they just heard that makes them crack up. They giggle, and have fun, and spread their sparkly joy all over the place. It’s really amazing watching them, don’t you think?

Where did all the happiness go?

The thing is though: Somehow, along the way of growing up and conforming to societal rules, we loose that sparkle. We care more about what others want than about what we want. Actually, we tend to loose touch with what we want completely. And we sure as hell have no idea how to make ourselves happy anymore. And then, surely but slowly, the sparkles leave our eyes.

Chances are that you’ve experienced that, too. You probably know what it feels like to lose your sparkle, and to stop going for what you want, going for what makes you happy – for whatever reason.

Look around in your circle of friends, and your family. Look at the people in their 30s, and 40s, and 50s. So many of them have settled for a life that isn’t their’s, and have lost all of their sparkle. At least, that’s what I see. And that makes me incredibly sad!

Life is meant to be fun

Life isn’t meant to be lived that way. Live is meant to be experienced in all of its facets. Life is meant to be fun, don’t you agree? We don’t see the magic around us because we are too distracted from work, arguments etc. Life is meant to be fun. And yes, I even mean while doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom. We are sentient beings, and I think so many of us have become dull.

In know this feeling from personal experience. I used to be stuck in a job that sucked the life force out of me, in a town I didn’t want to be in. I didn’t laugh as much as I had used to. I had no curiosity to go out and try new things and meet new people. Ok, this kind of makes me sound depressed. Please don’t get me wrong. My life was fine. But that was just it. It was FINE. Can you relate?

At one point, you have to stop and wonder: Is this supposed to be it? Where did all of the excitement go? Where did all of the fun go? Where did all of the joy go? Is this all that life has to offer? Is this the new me now? And why the hell do I get laughter lines around my eyes when I don’t even laugh as much anymore? That just doesn’t seem fair.

Find your joy and happiness again

What I did after I asked myself these questions was to set out on a several year long mission of finding myself, finding my way in the world, finding my sparkle again. I’m still on that journey. And I don’t think this journey ever ends. Here, I would love to share the things that I have learned along the way with you. To inspire you to find your own kind of sparkle, and create a life that makes you excited to get up in the morning.

I would love for you to live a life that you’ll want to tell your grandkids about one day. And I don’t mean as a bedtime story that will put them to sleep. It is so important for kids to see that in the adults around them. The sparkle, the zest for life, the joy in doing whatever they do.

You are a sparkle seeker

I mean, picture yourself at 80, living your life the way you live it now. If that is a picture that makes you happy, then by all means, continue doing what you do. You rock! Chances are, though, that this picture makes you a bit depressed. Chances are, that you want more from life. Chances are, that you don’t want to settle for what life has dealt you so far. Chances are, you want to be as happy as a pig in a puddle of mud. Chances are, that YOU are a sparkle seeker.

Because a sparkle seeker is someone who is looking for that zest for life. Someone who is ready to find their curiosity again. Someone who is willing to go deep inside and get to know themselves and their desires again. Someone who is not afraid to look at their lives, to see what works and what doesn’t, and to make the necessary adjustments to create a life that they love. Someone who is willing to look for their happiness within, not outside of themselves.

Yep, that’s a sparkle seeker to me. I most definitely am one. The only question left is: Are you? And that’s a question that only you can answer. And if you’re not yet, do you want to become one?

What do you want?

I’d say: Let’s make sure that when people ask you how it’s going, your “fine“ is a huge understatement! Let’s find your Sparkly You, and make you glow from the inside out – like a firefly on crack.

If you don’t know how to get there, if you have no idea what makes you happy, if you have no clue how the hell you can light that spark in your heart and in your eyes, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Because that is what this whole blog is about: helping you, my dear sparkle seeker, find your sparkly you.