Have you ever noticed how children get a beautiful bedtime routine, and adults don’t?

And better yet: Have you ever been jealous of the beautiful bedtime routine children get? I know I have. They get read a bedtime story, get lovingly tucked in, and fall asleep to a lullaby. It makes them feel safe, and loved, and it let’s them wind down before they actually fall asleep.

How about a bedtime routine for adults?

Now, don’t you agree that adults could benefits just as much from a bedtime routine as kids? I sure do. Because when you slow down, do something nice for yourself, take care of yourself before you go to bed, you get a way more restful sleep.

And this restful sleep with the great regeneration you get from it is really important when you want to create a sparkly life for yourself while you’re awake. You can’t go into full creation mode when you’re exhausted, am I right?

How to hit the sack

So, if you want to try a bedtime routine for the first time in decades, I’d suggest you start by slowing down at least an hour before you go to bed. Dim the lights or turn of the main lamp and only use small lamps. Maybe take a bath, or do something relaxing for your body, like a few yoga stretches.

And most importantly: Turn off your phone and your laptop – or at least don’t look at them. That’s way too much distraction and excitement before you want to snooze off into the land of dreams.

Wanna know what I do?

Let me tell you what I do to give you an example for a bedtime routine for adults.

  • I open the window about 30 minutes before I want to go to bed.
  • After I close the window 15 minutes later, I turn on the diffuser with relaxing essential oils. (If you want to know more about what oils to use, send me a message here. LINK)
  • I try not to look at my phone after 8.30 ish.
  • I take time to brush my teeth, my hair, floss, wash my face, and put oils on it. No hurry, completely relaxed. This has turned into self care all on its own.
  • Sometimes I read to Timo. Right now we’re reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.
  • We tell each other what we’re grateful for.
  • And we snooze off.

Your very own bedtime routine

Now it’s your turn: What can you do to wake up rested the next day, ready to spread sparkle all around you?  Think about that before going to bed tonight. You can start easy by only doing one thing, and then work yourself up to a full routine.

What is your bedtime routine for adults gonna look like? I’d love to know what you come up with. Let me know in the comments.