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EAT, MOVE, FEEL – The mind detox plan for the body and life of your dreams is not a book about getting the perfect „bikini body“.

Rather, it promises you a new definition of your dream body – and a way of achieving it while you enjoy life to the fullest.
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Get more zest for life

„Too fat, too wabbly, too soft“ – terms which which women describe their bodies when they aren’t happy with themselves. Every new diet, every new workout plan is supposed to get them what they want the most: the body of their dreams. Some women seem to be almost obsessed with having the perfect body, and optimising the way they look. Not because they are shallow, but because they have this strong sense of not being good enough for the world.

Just think about how much energy and zest for life this way of thinking sucks out of them.

„When it comes to your body,
there are only two things
that matter:
whether it is healthy,
and whether you feel good in it!“

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„Live the best possible
life that you can think of –
regardless of
what your body looks like.“

Your dream body begins in your head

This book puts an end to this. It shows a new way to the body of your dreams – one without diet plans, and workout programs. One that doesn’t even begin with your body, but in your head.

How so? Your dream body has pretty little to do with what you look like, and a lot with how you feel in your body and your life.

That’s why EAT MOVE FEEL doesn’t aim at showing you how to get rid of some extra pounds. There are other books, and magazines for that. The 90 pages long book is rather about finding a new definition for your dream body – one that comes from self-love and compassion – and about implementing it into your life.

Are you ready for the body and the life of your dreams?

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