Last week I spoke about what it takes to change your life. Remember? You need to change the things you do daily, your habits. Only when you change your habits, you will make a difference in your life. If you only change random things that you do once in a while, it won’t have as much of an impact as if you change something you do daily.

That’s a pretty easy equation: the more often you change something you do, the more change will happen in general.

daily habits for happy life

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Habits that will improve your life

Anyhow, we’ve talked about that last week. Now, while I know that every person’s life is unique, I still think that there are a few habits that everyone can benefit from. So today, let’s talk about some daily habits for a happy life that you can try on to see if they bring you joy.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that they will. Because they are not specific to any circumstance. They are kind of universal, some even scientifically proven. So, let’s dive in, and take it from morning to night, shall we?

Daily habit 1: Do a technology detox

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably read about this before: nix the phone addiction – at least in the morning. I’m not crazily telling you to stop scrolling Instagram and such. I love doing that myself, and it brings me a lot of inspiration. BUT: In the morning, right after waking up, when your mind is rested, and open to receive anything, stay with your self. Tune in. Receive what the innermost part of yourself wants to communicate, not what XYZ on Instagram is doing in her life.

Then, when you’ve had time to think about how you want to spend your day (and your life), you can pick up your phone. But only then. This will bring you closer to yourself because you are way less distracted. It also means: no comparison = true to you = happy. Tada!

Daily habit 2: Stretch

There is this meme that’s been crossing my path several times. Actually, it’s a question:

Do you ever stretch and it feels like you just pulled your whole life together?

And to me, it feels very, very true. When you stretch, you can feel your body expand. And then, when you release the stretch, everything that belongs to you comes in, comes closer. It may sound a little crazy or up in the air or woowoo or something, but it also is true.

After waking up, stretch your spine, your neck, your arms, your legs, your torso, your fingers, your toes. And come back home to yourself in the process.

Daily habit 3: Have a sparkle break

Do you think that happy people always slay the day non-stop? That they do, do, do, go, go, go all day long? I don’t think so. Whatever it is that you do each day – whether you hate or love your job, whether you enjoy your private life or not – give yourself a break.

And I don’t mean a break as in not doing anything. I mean a break in the sense of: interrupting your tasks at hand, and doing something that puts a huge smile on your face. My favorite sparkle break is putting on a good song and dancing for a few minutes.

This break gets you out of your maybe boring routine, and brings more joy into our day. And it doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day. No matter how busy your day is, I’m sure you can do that.

Daily habit 4: Move your body

Listen, I’m not talking about an hourlong full body workout or a daily 10k run – unless that is your jam. I’m simply talking about getting the juices flowing by taking a short walk on your lunch break. By doing a few jumping jacks in front of your desk. Or by doing the aforementioned dance break (two birds with one stone, my friend).

When you move your body, you are in the flow. And as your body becomes more fluid, so does your mind. Why I mention that? When your mind is open, fluid, flexible, you start to notice new things. You start to look at things differently. And that makes you open to ways in which you can improve your life. Easy as that.

Daily habit 5: Indulge

I’m not a huge fan of neglecting yourself something that would bring you joy. I think the diet and body optimization industry has done their part in making us think that it is something to be proud of if we can keep ourselves from indulging. I don’t think so.

Indulging makes us happy. Now, I don’t want you to stuff your face with a whole box of donuts because that’s just not very nice to your body. Always be nice to your body! But allowing yourself that cone of ice cream on your lunch break if it makes you happy, by all means, do that. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not dreaded.

Daily habit 6: Be grateful

Now that you’ve sparkled up your day with these daily habits for a happy life, let the universe, God, whatever higher power you believe in, know how grateful you are for all of the blessings in your life. End your day with gratitude.

This makes you feel good. It makes you feel blessed. It makes you aware of the beauty of life. In other words: Gratitude is amazing! So, when you’re in bed at night, say thank you for all of the beautiful moments in your day. And then fall asleep happy.

So, these are the habits that have been tried and tested by me. I’d love to hear from you: Do you have other daily habits that get your sparkle on?