Disclaimer: I don’t actually want you to kill anyone. Cool? Cool!

So, let’s dive in.

Be kind to yourself

I talk a lot about how important it is for you well-being that you are being kind to yourself. Self-care, resting, doing only things that feel good to you, and not letting anyone else talk you into doing someone you don’t actually want to do.

Knowing who you are and what you want is the first crucial step in living a life that makes you sparkle.

Kindness is the new black

There is something that I haven’t spoken about on this blog yet. And that is, how important it is to be not only kind to yourself, but also kind to others.

It never ever makes you feel good when you’re bing a dick to someone else. It makes your soul cringe, and cry.

Your actions speak louder than your words

You know that your actions affect the people in your life. You’re not alone on this planet. And depending on what kind of actions we’re talking about here, they may even affect the whole planet, the environment, etc.

I strongly believe that we were born to be kind. We weren’t born to be dicks, and go about our lives as if our actions didn’t have an effect on the world we live in.

Their joy is your joy

Ask yourself these questions:

What effect do your actions have on the world you live in? Is it the kind of effect you want them to have?
How can you be kind to the people around you? Not by neglecting your own needs, but by staying true to who you want to be in this world. And not only to make them feel good, but to make yourself feel good as well.

It fills me with great joy doing things that I know make other people happy. Like cooking daal for dinner because my boyfriend loves that dish.

It also fills me with great joy doing things that are good for the planet we live on. Like shopping in a package-free shop to reduce the waste that I leave behind.

What are the things that fill you with joy while also bringing joy to the others?