This conversation was lots of fun to record!

Meet Mitle Southey, queen of women’s circles, and host of the Spirited Sisters podcast. We talked about all things sisterhood, and it was glorious.

In this 45-minute long interview we talk about:

  • how she turned from a lawyer to a circle holder and intuitive guide.
  • what role sisterhood plays in living a joyful, and soulful life.
  • whether there are any rules on how to bring women together.
  • the magic that happens when women come together.
  • how to bring sisterly support into your life.
  • what she does as a circle holder and creator of the Circle School.
  • and what living a sparkly life means to her.

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You can connect with Mitle on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her Circle School and Sistermind on her website.

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