I’ve gotten the sniffles. Now, that may not be that interesting to you when I say it like that, but bare with me for a second.

This is interesting because I never ever get sick. It’s a thing of pride for me. And here is why this is also interesting to you:

Take a break or get sick

So, when I got the sniffles, and my energy plummeted, I was like: „Woah, what’s happening?“ And then I realized that I hadn’t allowed myself to take a break in over five weeks. I had been organizing and packing for our move, I had been setting up the new apartment, and getting our new vegetable garden started. No wonder my body was forcing me to take a break, and put my feet up.

Your permission to rest

Now, before your body feels the need to pull the plug on you, make it a habit to rest regularly. Sure it is great to check a trillion things of your to-do list. But if you go to bed completely exhausted, and your nervous system is always on overdrive, I don’t see no good in that.

So, here is your permission slip to rest. Whatever it is that you’re doing today, make sure to put your feet up for a little while.

What is your favorite thing to do to wind down?