This is a special treat for you!

I have talked to my dear friend Clare Foale from the Zim Zum Connection about all things self-care.

In this 50-minute long interview we talk about:

  • how she turned from a person who hated the concept of self-care to being the queen of it.
  • how her life has changed since taking care of herself in that way.
  • what she tells people who think self-care is selfish.
  • whether there are there any rules about it.
  • what a good starting place is for someone who doesn’t have a self-care routine yet.
  • if there are mistakes you can make.
  • what her sparkle routine looks like.
  • how her beautiful self-care membership work.
  • and what living a sparkly life means to her.

Click the little play button above, or hop over to your Podcast app on our iPhone, and have a listen.

You can connect with Clare on Instagram and Facebook.

You can sign up for her self-care membership here.